Who We Are

Rehobeth Church is a community committed to grow in faith, follow Jesus, and show God’s love to the world by loving God and our neighbors in all we say and do. This is a high ideal and constant challenge we believe Christ is faithful to realize in and through us when we are faithful together. We are not perfect, but by God’s grace and with mutual encouragement we seek to grow in God's kind of love for all people. 

A Historical Perspective

Rehobeth church was organized January 16, 1806 (the accepted date). It has traversed three centuries. The Word of God has been preached from the pulpits of all four church buildings that have occupied the same site during it's 211 years of existence. From two log church buildings to the frame building, to the present built in the 1950's, membership had grown from the 16 member founders to 750 in the year 2014. The original two-acre tract has expanded into 10 1/2 acres. On these grounds are located the brick church built 1950-51; the religious education building built in 1956; the old and new cemeteries; the Family Life Center; the eight-room brick parsonage; two large paved parking lots and children's playground. We as the members feel these are "hallowed grounds" with which Almighty God has blessed us throughout these many years. We have tried to remain faithful to God and continue in the faith of our founding fathers. Come and worship! God be praised! Fannie Blackwood, Church Historian (In Memorium: June 13, 2014)