Courageous Christian Conversations – RACE

On September 24 night Rehobeth hosted the first of several Courageous Christian Conversations on RACE.  Fourteen local United Methodist Churches participated in this ground-breaking conversation.  We asked brothers and sisters in Christ to speak honestly and lovingly about the divisive issues of race.  We heard each other’s stories; we had open discussions about race in a racially mixed audience.  Our mission was to engage in meaningful conversation, figuring “If the church cannot talk honestly and openly about race . . . then who can?”

We just scratched the surface; there is much more to come in this conversation; specifically on Tuesday, November 19, at 6:30, again at Rehobeth UMC.   All are welcome to come and engage.

Participating United Methodist congregations: 

Burnett’s Chapel, Celia Phelps, Groometown, Hinshaw, Holmes Grove, Moriah, Mount Tabor, New Goshen, Rehobeth, St. Andrews, St. John’s, Triad Native American, Union Memorial, & Vickery

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