Worship at Rehobeth

Join us for worship each Sunday. We have two worship services: a contemporary worship service (New Life Worship) at 9am in the Family Life Center, and a traditional worship service at 11am in the Sanctuary. You can also worship from home online at 9am or over the phone at 11am. Instructions for each of these remote options as well as links to this week’s bulletin can be found below.

This Week’s Bulletin (June 13)

Please Observe our COVID Safe Worship Guidelines:

**Updated May 27, 2021**

In Worship:

  • Please wear a mask or cloth face covering when moving about, and when joining in singing. If you are fully vaccinated, you may choose to remove your mask once you have found your seat. (Note: Beginning in July, those who are fully vaccinated may choose to not wear a mask throughout the service)
  • Fellowship is vital to our community! We encourage you to engage in conversation outdoors as much as possible. Throughout June, please wear a mask while conversing with one another inside, as we all readjust to maskless interactions thanks to effective vaccines!
  • Those who are leading from the platform, including small groups of singers, may remove their masks when speaking or singing.
  • Kids Worship staff and volunteers will wear masks when interacting with children.
  • If you are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19, or if you are not vaccinated and have recently been exposed to COVID-19, please worship with us from home. Let us know you’re ill so we can pray for you!

At Other Times:

  • Please wear a mask or cloth face covering while inside. If you are fully vaccinated, you may choose to not wear a mask.
    • Individual groups may choose to require masks based on the needs of participants.
  • Remember to sanitize or wash your hands regularly, and to practice good hygiene.
  • If you are sick or have tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home and get well soon! Let us know you’re ill so we can pray for you.

We remain grateful for your diligence throughout this pandemic. If you aren’t able to be with us in person, we hope you will join us online or over the phone (11am)! We rejoice that the end of this pandemic is drawing nearer!

Live-Streaming Worship:

You can join us from home via live stream for our 9am worship service. You can join us on our Facebook page or from your web browser at this link.

Worship by Phone:

You can join our 11am service by telephone. If you know someone without internet access who would like to join us for worship, please share these instructions

At 11:00 am each Sunday, from any phone with long-distance calling dial 727-731-1799. You will be connected to the conference call and able to hear the worship service live.

To access a recording after the service has ended, call 425-436-6309, and when prompted enter the access code 826321#. When prompted, press # to access the most recent recording.

If you do not have access to free long-distance calling but would still like to use this service, please notify the church office at 336-292-3360 for further information.

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